The Countdown is On!

15 days…Maaan! Time has flown. Departure day is approaching.

We had a missions prep meeting today and I’ll tell ya–I haven’t prepared for a missions trip like this before.

We’ve gone so deep with our prayer. We’ve held discussions on the authority of God in us.

We’ve talked about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through our spiritual gifts.

There isn’t a focus on a project or a particular task…We are going to simply spread the word of God. To be the vessel that God uses to minister to His children.


I’m pumped.

Truth be told–the biggest difference between this trip and others is me.

I understand the need for prayer now. I have a relationship with prayer. I crave and thirst for time alone with God through prayer. My prayer language has come forth.

My relationship with God is stronger than when I traveled to Kenya or Jamaica.  I know who I am in Christ now and I know the calling he has on my life. He’s given me an awesome church family where mediocracy will not fly!

Stay tuned….

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Around Town 

Let me show you some of the things that are here…

And here are a few more friends…

We stopped by the mall:

These huge lilly pads grow as weeds along the open drainage ditches in Guyana.

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It’s Wednesday, our 2nd full day. 

 Most would agree that deliverance is a release–a freedom from something holding you back. 

We’re all familiar with testimonies of a man delivered from the desire of alcohol after years of abuse once he had an encounter with God. 

Or the testimony of a woman delivered from crippling thoughts of suicide after an encounter with God. 

But what about curses?

What about spiritual sacrifices of the first child so that the 2nd child can bring riches and wealth to the family? 

I used ‘encounter  with God’ lightly previously.  What I’m referring to is the laying on of hands to deal directly with the demons that have attached themselves to someone.  

We don’t discuss curses, spirits or deliverance much stateside. 

For the most part we don’t face witchcraft on a daily basis. Gone are the tent revivals that focused on deliverance from bondage and all night prayer to fight Satan. 

But just like the wind that creates ripples in the water; just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there and that it’s not working to cause havoc. 

It’s easy for us to discuss the strongholds of alcoholism and suicide but not the spirits behind them.   

It’s easy for us to dismiss our ability to overcome the spirit world because we don’t know the power within us. 

God tells us that He has placed his abilities within us. He tells us in Ephesians to use HIS armor to fight against Satan. 
The Lord knows we must go into battle in order to defeat the schemes of the enemy. 

Satan knows God has given us–believers–the power to identify his manifestations and to defeat him. 

But WE.DON’T.KNOW–and we don’t make the time to find out. 

I know I’ve pulled out my soapbox.

It’s just that Guyana is this melting pot of world religions. 

You have the major: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism. And a strong presence of what is typically categorized as ‘other‘: House of Israel, Baha’i, Buddahism, Obeah, Shamans, Rastafarianism…

The struggle is real. 

Continue to pray for our covering as we encounter followers of these religions and those burden by the evil represented in some of these practices. 

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Sooo, ummm, yeah….it’s Tuesday and we are still on way to Guyana 👀

The flight from Miami to Guyana on Monday afternoon was cancelled due to a storm–the plane never left from Guyana.

We had to get a rental car and a hotel–unexpected expenses. While having lunch–car was towed! (Lunch was really good, though. Bodega, Miami Beach–check it out.)

We leave hotel at 3:30 am to be first to arrive at airport. Thankfully we get to second layover,Trinidad, safely–but we had more delays. 

We arrive in Guyana with enough time to drive to our location, drop our bags and head directly to church–whew! 

Was it worth it?

Yeah, man–of course. God has it under control. Adventure in life is supposed  to come with the ups and downs. 

We had some awesome conversations with others stuck in the same situation–more people now know about what we are doing and we know more about each other. 

Dueteronomy 1:8 says the Lord goes before us and He fights for us. I accept that! The path we took was what He’d prepared and he had our safety already worked out. 

Till tomorrow….

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PACE Ministries

Financial Supporters, Prayer Support Team, Friends & Family: 

Thank you all for the role you’ve played in getting me to this project in Kenya.

My goal is to send out weekly updates complete with pictures and video–as my internet connection will allow.

Let me fill you in on the organizations of PACE Ministries itself and I’ll update you on work progress in my next post.

PACE Ministries is currently comprised of a school, a seminary, and a dental clinic.

The vision of the founder is to build the capacity of Kenyans to become effective leaders in their own communities. He is doing this through education and community development.

The school consists of a nursery, Pre-K through Kindergarten, elementary through grade 11 in high school. Next year will be the first set of 12th graders. PACE Schools is part boarding school and part day learners.

I know what you are thinking–Boarding School!

The view and use of boarding school in Kenya is the opposite of how we see it in the states. The majority of schools here are boarding school that includes public, called government schools, and private schools. Its more of a norm instead of an option for those fortunate to afford it.

School of Theology Logo

The purpose of the Seminary is to build the capacity of Kenyan Pastors and Preachers to become exemplary leaders and to provide sound biblically based discipleship to their congregations. It is an accredited school under the wings of the South African Theological Seminary.

The dental clinic offers the same services of a dentist in the United States, except that its prices are affordable for the surrounding community. The fees of the PACE clinic are half of what is charged by dentist in the nearest town. It is growing well, has become self-sustaining, and 50% of its quarterly patient base is new .
As part of the founders commitment to community development, PACE ministries has a Dental Clinic that is up and operational and a Health Clinic that has closed for several years now.

The medical clinic closed down due to an inability to keep a physician staffed. The location is rural and the pay is low. The founders vision is to meet the communities need for a maternity ward, health services for children under 5 and to develop services for the surrounding ageing population.

Whew, thats a lot, but I guaruntee there is a purpose here.

Next, I’ll fill you in on what I want to accomplish and my progress to date.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Time Management
  2. Keep Christ at the center of the business
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2 Points for Me!!

I did it ya’ll…I have put it off since I’ve arrived in Kenya but today I had not other choice.

I used the Asian style toliet!!  You know the Squatty Potty. What is that you say? Here is a pix I posted earlier in my Instagram:

Squat Toilet at Restaurant in Nyahururu

Squat Toilet at Restaurant in Nyahururu

Now, I’m going to be honest here. I wasn’t really sure what to do.

Do I stand, squat all the way to the floor? Do I take my underwear off–not to be vulgar, but I had envisioned it to be a messy experience.

I decided on the latter and I took a squat.

It worked, no mess, no problem!!!


On the off chance that I’m not the only one weary of the squatty potty, I googled ‘asian toliet’ and found this manual—Yes, a manual.

Enjoy if you dare–it has pictures 🙂

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Travel to Kenya

My arrival in Kenya was a whirlwind…

I left Virginia on the 10th  of September and I was literally packing my suitcases up until it was time to head to airport.  (Procrastination is like an itch I cannot reach)

Had to drop of my rental car  (got it because the radiator in my truck was leaking heavily (pray that I can get that repaired before I return home).

Get to the airport and had to do the Luggage Shuffle because one bag was overweight.

By the time the plane took off, I was knocked out (& I’m sure I was snoring!)

I had a layover in Boston…I used that 1 1/2 hours to call my bank and credit cards to alert them to my travel (again, procrastination).

My flight to Amsterdam went smoothly…had an empty seat next to me. Thankful for small blessings.

On the flight to Kenya, I had another empty seat next to me. At the end of the row was a guy who was about to climb Kilimanjaro. We had an interesting conversation about dreams, goals, and life passions.

The Kenya airport in Nairobi, had recently undergone a serious fire that knocked out 50% of the terminal. We went through customs and baggage claim under huge tents with USAID emblazoned on the side.

Exited the tents thankful that I had all of my bags and that I had landed safely. 

I thought I’d be able to spend the day in Nairobi, but things happened that I still don’t understand, and I had to do the 100 yard dash at 7am to catch the hired transport to my site.

Four hours later I arrive in Nyahururu.


It still hasn’t hit me yet that by doing this I’ve accomplished another life goal–find a way to get back overseas and use my God given talents and skills to be of service.

Pray for my continued faith in God’s promises and that He will use me to make an impact with this project.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

Mary P

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