Travel to Kenya

My arrival in Kenya was a whirlwind…

I left Virginia on the 10th  of September and I was literally packing my suitcases up until it was time to head to airport.  (Procrastination is like an itch I cannot reach)

Had to drop of my rental car  (got it because the radiator in my truck was leaking heavily (pray that I can get that repaired before I return home).

Get to the airport and had to do the Luggage Shuffle because one bag was overweight.

By the time the plane took off, I was knocked out (& I’m sure I was snoring!)

I had a layover in Boston…I used that 1 1/2 hours to call my bank and credit cards to alert them to my travel (again, procrastination).

My flight to Amsterdam went smoothly…had an empty seat next to me. Thankful for small blessings.

On the flight to Kenya, I had another empty seat next to me. At the end of the row was a guy who was about to climb Kilimanjaro. We had an interesting conversation about dreams, goals, and life passions.

The Kenya airport in Nairobi, had recently undergone a serious fire that knocked out 50% of the terminal. We went through customs and baggage claim under huge tents with USAID emblazoned on the side.

Exited the tents thankful that I had all of my bags and that I had landed safely. 

I thought I’d be able to spend the day in Nairobi, but things happened that I still don’t understand, and I had to do the 100 yard dash at 7am to catch the hired transport to my site.

Four hours later I arrive in Nyahururu.


It still hasn’t hit me yet that by doing this I’ve accomplished another life goal–find a way to get back overseas and use my God given talents and skills to be of service.

Pray for my continued faith in God’s promises and that He will use me to make an impact with this project.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

Mary P


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