PACE Ministries

Financial Supporters, Prayer Support Team, Friends & Family: 

Thank you all for the role you’ve played in getting me to this project in Kenya.

My goal is to send out weekly updates complete with pictures and video–as my internet connection will allow.

Let me fill you in on the organizations of PACE Ministries itself and I’ll update you on work progress in my next post.

PACE Ministries is currently comprised of a school, a seminary, and a dental clinic.

The vision of the founder is to build the capacity of Kenyans to become effective leaders in their own communities. He is doing this through education and community development.

The school consists of a nursery, Pre-K through Kindergarten, elementary through grade 11 in high school. Next year will be the first set of 12th graders. PACE Schools is part boarding school and part day learners.

I know what you are thinking–Boarding School!

The view and use of boarding school in Kenya is the opposite of how we see it in the states. The majority of schools here are boarding school that includes public, called government schools, and private schools. Its more of a norm instead of an option for those fortunate to afford it.

School of Theology Logo

The purpose of the Seminary is to build the capacity of Kenyan Pastors and Preachers to become exemplary leaders and to provide sound biblically based discipleship to their congregations. It is an accredited school under the wings of the South African Theological Seminary.

The dental clinic offers the same services of a dentist in the United States, except that its prices are affordable for the surrounding community. The fees of the PACE clinic are half of what is charged by dentist in the nearest town. It is growing well, has become self-sustaining, and 50% of its quarterly patient base is new .
As part of the founders commitment to community development, PACE ministries has a Dental Clinic that is up and operational and a Health Clinic that has closed for several years now.

The medical clinic closed down due to an inability to keep a physician staffed. The location is rural and the pay is low. The founders vision is to meet the communities need for a maternity ward, health services for children under 5 and to develop services for the surrounding ageing population.

Whew, thats a lot, but I guaruntee there is a purpose here.

Next, I’ll fill you in on what I want to accomplish and my progress to date.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Time Management
  2. Keep Christ at the center of the business

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