The Countdown is On!

15 days…Maaan! Time has flown. Departure day is approaching.

We had a missions prep meeting today and I’ll tell ya–I haven’t prepared for a missions trip like this before.

We’ve gone so deep with our prayer. We’ve held discussions on the authority of God in us.

We’ve talked about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through our spiritual gifts.

There isn’t a focus on a project or a particular task…We are going to simply spread the word of God. To be the vessel that God uses to minister to His children.


I’m pumped.

Truth be told–the biggest difference between this trip and others is me.

I understand the need for prayer now. I have a relationship with prayer. I crave and thirst for time alone with God through prayer. My prayer language has come forth.

My relationship with God is stronger than when I traveled to Kenya or Jamaica.  I know who I am in Christ now and I know the calling he has on my life. He’s given me an awesome church family where mediocracy will not fly!

Stay tuned….


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