Sooo, ummm, yeah….it’s Tuesday and we are still on way to Guyana 👀

The flight from Miami to Guyana on Monday afternoon was cancelled due to a storm–the plane never left from Guyana.

We had to get a rental car and a hotel–unexpected expenses. While having lunch–car was towed! (Lunch was really good, though. Bodega, Miami Beach–check it out.)

We leave hotel at 3:30 am to be first to arrive at airport. Thankfully we get to second layover,Trinidad, safely–but we had more delays. 

We arrive in Guyana with enough time to drive to our location, drop our bags and head directly to church–whew! 

Was it worth it?

Yeah, man–of course. God has it under control. Adventure in life is supposed  to come with the ups and downs. 

We had some awesome conversations with others stuck in the same situation–more people now know about what we are doing and we know more about each other. 

Dueteronomy 1:8 says the Lord goes before us and He fights for us. I accept that! The path we took was what He’d prepared and he had our safety already worked out. 

Till tomorrow….


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2 Responses to Takeoff??

  1. Verne says:

    Blessings to you woman of God. Continually praying for you and the team. Continue to move forward in prayer and belief. I charge you to move in the greater work Jesus spoke of to His glory.

  2. Crystal Mercer-neville says:

    Glad that you all arrived safely insight of the delays. Praise God! We back home are praying for you.

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