It’s Wednesday, our 2nd full day. 

 Most would agree that deliverance is a release–a freedom from something holding you back. 

We’re all familiar with testimonies of a man delivered from the desire of alcohol after years of abuse once he had an encounter with God. 

Or the testimony of a woman delivered from crippling thoughts of suicide after an encounter with God. 

But what about curses?

What about spiritual sacrifices of the first child so that the 2nd child can bring riches and wealth to the family? 

I used ‘encounter  with God’ lightly previously.  What I’m referring to is the laying on of hands to deal directly with the demons that have attached themselves to someone.  

We don’t discuss curses, spirits or deliverance much stateside. 

For the most part we don’t face witchcraft on a daily basis. Gone are the tent revivals that focused on deliverance from bondage and all night prayer to fight Satan. 

But just like the wind that creates ripples in the water; just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there and that it’s not working to cause havoc. 

It’s easy for us to discuss the strongholds of alcoholism and suicide but not the spirits behind them.   

It’s easy for us to dismiss our ability to overcome the spirit world because we don’t know the power within us. 

God tells us that He has placed his abilities within us. He tells us in Ephesians to use HIS armor to fight against Satan. 
The Lord knows we must go into battle in order to defeat the schemes of the enemy. 

Satan knows God has given us–believers–the power to identify his manifestations and to defeat him. 

But WE.DON’T.KNOW–and we don’t make the time to find out. 

I know I’ve pulled out my soapbox.

It’s just that Guyana is this melting pot of world religions. 

You have the major: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism. And a strong presence of what is typically categorized as ‘other‘: House of Israel, Baha’i, Buddahism, Obeah, Shamans, Rastafarianism…

The struggle is real. 

Continue to pray for our covering as we encounter followers of these religions and those burden by the evil represented in some of these practices. 


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