We have so many slang names for it: High Blood, Pressure, Hi-Patention.


No matter how you refer to high blood pressure–its threatening our lives in the states and I’m seeing serious outcomes of it here in Kenya.


We made a visit to a rural senior center today started by one of the Pastors part of the PACE Ministry that I am working with.  I’ll tell you more of how this project started and how it has progressed later.


We had a nurse to conduct blood pressure screenings and out of 50 adults all but 2 had elevated blood pressures.


The ironic thing is that most of them knew it. Many of them asked for medicine and already knowing that there pressure was high.

According to the doctor I met with on Monday at the local government (public) hospital, high blood pressure is the leading cause of all of their outpatient visits. He says adherence is the issue not access to affordable meds.

Well, after today, I’m not sure about that.

What I do know is that after only being here for 3 weeks, I’ve heard of 3 local people to have a stroke.


My 2nd concern from today, is how to transform the desire of the visiting missions team to meet  the immediate needs of these seniors into a plan to that reaches the root of their problem–access to and affordability of their needed medicine.

The Tylenol and Aleve that were given out will only go so far.  This situation right here is the reason why I truly wanted to do this trip. Unless there are teams that arrive on a continual bases with Tylenol and Aleve for these seniors then a once a year handout has no physical impact.

Spiritually, now thats another story! These seniors remember some of these team members from prior years.  They requested a certain pastor to give them a message since they enjoyed him over the past few years.

Many of the seniors walked a long way to attend today’s event and they danced, sang and prayed as they received porridge and bread and love from strangers from afar


Prayer Requests:

  1. Continue to pray for the development of the proposal for the revitalization of the health clinic.
  2. Time management of projects under my responsibility
  3. Pray for the visiting missions team from Detroit and Pennsylvania
  4. PACE School that God will continue to provide for the students safety
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